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office lunch box delivery columbia sc

Lunch Box Delivery Menu at Apple Spice Columbia, SC

By Box Lunch Delivery

Looking for good lunch options for your upcoming business meeting or corporate event? Apple Spice here in Columbia offers a delicious lunch box delivery menu including fresh ingredients and a good variety of food to choose from. Discover our menu items below to see what looks good to you!

lunch box delivery columbia


We offer 16 different sandwiches prepared on fresh-baked bread. It’s hard to resist our strawberry grilled sandwich or manhattan roast beef. Vegetarian options are also available.

Home Style Soups

It’s Winter season, which means our soups are selling fast! Served with fresh-baked bread, we offer broccoli cheddar, old fashion chicken noodle, Amy’s special recipe chili, and Baja tortilla soup served with cheese and chips.


We offer three different wraps at Apple Spice. We have our turkey bacon ranch, southwest chicken, and the chicken caesar. You can’t go wrong with these freshly-prepared wraps. Healthy, easy to eat, and tasty.

Signature Salads

Salads can be bland and boring to eat. Not at Apple Spice! We offer 13 different signature salads including the apple walnut, cashew chicken, and the classic cob salad with ingredients that will keep you wanting more. Every salad comes with freshly baked bread and a salad dressing of your choice.

corporate lunch box delivery

The list goes on! Lunch box delivery is a game-changer and now is the time to book your first order. If you are local to Columbia, check out Apple Spice’s full menu to see what looks best to you! We look forward to serving you.

lunch box catering services north atlanta

Perks of Lunch Box Catering in Atlanta, GA

By Box Lunch Delivery

Finding lunch options while at the office can get old. Have you ever looked into lunch box catering for your team? Well if you haven’t, life just got a whole lot easier. Below are 3 perks of providing lunch box catering at work.

corporate lunch box catering atlanta


Lunch boxes are created to be pre-packed with your full lunch inside. There is no need to stand in a buffet catering line that doesn’t give you enough time to eat and participate in the business meeting or event. It’s a convenient, simple and delicious way to eat.


It is known that if you provide lunch catering, employees feel more appreciated which increases productivity and leaves a positive impact on your team members. Catering is a way to show the office gratitude and it builds them up. This results in better work and performance at the office.


With lunch box catering, there are several menu items to choose from to give customers variety. Some people might have food restrictions or a certain preference so it is nice to have several options to give your team so they can choose what they like most.

lunch box catering and delivery atlanta

If you are on the lookout for the perfect lunch box catering company in Atlanta, you are in luck. Apple Spice features lunch boxes and corporate catering including unique sandwiches, fresh salads, wraps, and more. We make it easy for you by being able to order online and make it a stress-free experience.

work event catering west valley ut

West Valley Event Catering Checklist

By Catering

Preparing for an upcoming corporate event and not sure where to start? The planning process is a big task to take on. Before getting too overwhelmed, start by asking yourself 3 of the most important checklist questions below.

business event catering west valley city

Choose a Location

First things first, where do you want to have the event? If debating to have it inside or outside, make sure to check the weather for around the time you are planning to have it. A lot goes into your location spot including the capacity of guests, convenient location to get to, and having an overall good ambiance.

Select a Date

Choose a date for when you want to have the event so that you can secure a venue to let the guests know when to save the date and add it to their calendar. Once you have a date set, you can move on with more detailed planning.

Set Your Budget

Setting a budget for the venue, food, decor, and entertainment will give you an idea of how much you are willing to spend. You can create a spreadsheet to know how much you want to spend on each task. This is a great way to ensure you stay within your amount for every purchase.

lunch event catering west valley city utah

Here is the full checklist to go above and beyond for your upcoming event. If you’ve been on the look-out for a caterer in West Valley, Apple Spice features corporate catering and box lunches perfect for any event, business meeting, or special occasion. Fresh ingredients and a delicious menu to look forward to!

lunch box catering downtown Salt Lake City

Apple Spice Downtown Salt Lake Corporate Lunch Box Menu

By Catering

Catering has become a whole lot easier for your work meetings and corporate events. Corporate box lunch catering is an easy and delicious way to provide lunches for your team to make it an efficient and easy process for everyone! Here at Apple Spice, we offer a delicious lunch box menu in Downtown Salt Lake City. Below are the options you can add to your box.

lunch box catering salt lake ut


    Roasted turkey breast topped with avocado, sprouts, Swiss cheese, and our signature sauce.
    Roasted turkey with lettuce, Swiss cheese, and our signature sauce. Add cranberry—.25
    Baked ham, roasted turkey, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese, and our signature sandwich sauce.
    Cured ham, roasted turkey, and roast beef with Swiss cheese, and our signature sandwich sauce.
    Cured ham and Havarti cheese with greenleaf lettuce and our signature sauce.
    Lean roast beef, provolone cheese with Dijon horseradish sauce on fresh bread.
    Mushrooms, cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts, green peppers, avocados, cheddar cheese, pesto mayo sauce, & lettuce.
    The BLT made even better with Swiss cheese, avocado, and sprouts with our signature sauce.
    Sliced green apples, Havarti cheese, and our famous apple cider vinaigrette dressing on top of turkey breast.
    Chipotle seasoned chicken breast with tomatoes, pepper jack cheese, and chipotle sauce.

lunch box catering services salt lake


    Turkey, ranch dressing, lettuce, Swiss cheese, bacon, and tomato.
    Sliced chicken breast, corn, black beans, tortilla strips, shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce, and avocado with bbq ranch dressing.
    Sliced chicken breast, Caesar dressing, lettuce, and parmesan cheese.

lunch box business catering


    Salad topped with chicken, corn, black beans, cheddar cheese, avocado, and tortilla strips.
  • WALDORF CHICKEN | BALSAMIC VINAIGRETTE Tender sliced chicken breast, apples, grapes, candied walnuts, and feta cheese.
  • STRAWBERRY CHICKEN | VIDALIA ONION Grilled chicken breast, strawberries, and Feta cheese make this a sweet and savory favorite.
  • MANDARIN CHICKEN | SESAME GINGER Sliced chicken breast, mandarin oranges, and slivered almonds on top of fresh salad greens.
    Grilled chicken, roasted red & golden beets, pickled red onions, and feta cheese on mixed greens.
    Sliced apples, candied walnuts, bacon, and mozzarella cheese on crisp salad greens. Add chicken—1.99
  • BEET & CHICKEN | White Balsamic
    Grilled chicken, roasted red & golden beets, pickled red onions, and feta cheese on mixed greens.
    Grilled chicken, bacon, hardboiled egg, and blue cheese.

Not only do we offer box lunches, but we also have a hot and cold catering menu with tons of more options. Browse the full menu to see what best works for your upcoming meeting or event! We look forward to serving you.

work lunch box catering tampa fl

Advantages of Lunch Box Catering in Tampa, FL

By Box Lunch Delivery

It’s a given that planning for a business meeting or event can take up a lot of time, especially when an important component is involved, food. There is one simple fix to this. Lunch box catering is an efficient way to gather the troops, feed them, and move on with the day. If you’ve never looked into this type of convenient way to cater, below are 3 reasons why lunch box catering is the right choice.

lunch box office catering


The awesome thing about lunch boxes is that they are pre-packed with all of the goods in them. No need to stand in a buffet line or feel embarrassed to go up for seconds because everything you need is right in front of you. It’s practical, it’s simple and delicious.


If you’re in a meeting, employees or attendees would enjoy the efficiency of eating their box lunch in a time-friendly matter. Buffet style meals contain standing in a long line and not having enough time to participate in the meeting or at the event.

Easy to Eat

Lunch boxes are meant to be a full complete meal. It usually consists of a sandwich or wrap, potato chips, fruit or salad, and a dessert item. Caterers offer these lunches to make it easy for the customer to eat. This is great multitasking and will allow you to continue to get your work done.

lunch box catering and delivery tampa

Looking for the ideal lunch box catering company in Tampa? Apple Spice offers lunch boxes and corporate catering featuring sandwiches, salads, breakfast, dinner, holiday catering, and more. Easy online ordering to make it an easy and enjoyable experience. Check out our full menu to book your first order!

business lunch catering in minneapolis

Apple Spice Minneapolis Business Lunch Catering Menu

By Box Lunch Delivery

The perk of having long business meetings or corporate events is the food. If you haven’t looked into business lunch catering, what have you been waiting for? When at the office, this is a huge game-changer for companies. Some caterers specifically create a lunch catering menu for corporate purposes. At Apple Spice, we offer 3 different box lunches that will be the perfect addition to your upcoming business meeting.

Box Lunches – Sandwiches & Wraps

business lunch catering minneapolis

Classic Box Lunch

Served with:

  • Sandwich or Wrap of your choice
  • Dill Pickle
  • Cookie
  • Mint

And your choice of:

  • Potato Chips
  • Carrot Chips
  • Pasta Salad
  • Potato Salad
  • Frogeye Salad
  • Fresh Fruit

business lunch box catering minneapolis mn

Deluxe Box Lunch

Served with:

  • Sandwich or Wrap of your choice
  • Potato Chips
  • Dill Pickle
  • Cookie
  • Mint

And your choice of:

  • Carrot Chips
  • Pasta Salad
  • Potato Salad
  • Frogeye Salad
  • Fresh Fruit

business meeting lunch catering minneapolis

Executive Box Lunch

Served with:

  • Sandwich or Wrap of your choice
  • Potato Chips
  • Carrot Chips
  • Dill Pickle
  • Cheesecake
  • Mint

And your choice of:

  • Pasta Salad
  • Potato Salad
  • Frogeye Salad
  • Fresh Fruit

It doesn’t end there. If you want to substitute a sandwich for a salad or soup instead, you are able to select which main item you want for your delicious box lunch. Keep browsing the options by heading to our full catering menu. If you’re planning to have an early or late meeting, we also offer breakfast and dinner catering!

corporate business catering tx

3 Benefits of Business Catering in Addison, TX

By Catering

If you’ve never looked into business catering for your work meeting or corporate event, you’ve been missing out. Why go through all the hassle of providing your own food when that is a caterer’s job! To provide quality meals, show great customer service, and do everything to make your event a success. Below are 3 benefits of business catering and why you should consider going this direction.

office catering addison

Save Costs

Business catering most of the time offers a selection of packages to choose from that saves you a chunk of money rather than buying individual lunches one by one at a regular restaurant. Caterers provide all the essentials such as utensils, napkins, sauces, service trays, and more. These may be cheap to buy elsewhere, but when you’re feeding a larger party, the costs add up. Get more for your buck with these killer offers.

Less Hassel

Don’t worry about spending time on getting a headcount on food restrictions, order pick up, or food prep because the caterer has it covered. Spend more time on prepping for your meeting or event rather than having to do any last-minute food pickups or change someone’s order. After ordering once with us at Apple Spice, all of your food restriction requests are placed and we save them for your future orders.


It’s all about menu variety! Got picky eaters in the group? There are several menus to choose from to spice things up. Custom orders and requests are available to please every customer. People with health restrictions such as vegetarian, gluten-intolerant, and more are in great hands.

business catering in Addison tx

If your Addison, TX event is around the corner, let’s waste no more time! Check out our business catering menu options to discover the delicious food items we offer. What’s better than great service, great food, and good company? We look forward to serving you.

breakfast catering menu houston tx

Apple Spice’s Breakfast Catering Menu Houston

By Catering

Looking for a caterer in the Houston area for your upcoming business meeting? When it comes to early meetings, breakfast catering is always a way to provide some nutritional value for your team while discussing business. Check out Apple Spice’s breakfast catering menu below to discover our delicious breakfast menu options.

breakfast corporate catering menu houston


  1. Early Bird Boxed Breakfast 9.99

    Texas-style muffin, whole fruit, yogurt, and juice. Minimum order of only 5.

  2. Sunrise Starter 8.99

    Bagels with cream cheese, fresh fruit, coffee, assorted juices, and water.

  3. Healthy Start Breakfast 12.99

    Start your morning right with a build-your-own parfait that includes yogurt, granola, fresh berries, and muffins. Served with coffee, assorted juices, and water.

  4. Continental Breakfast 9.99

    Includes a variety of pastries, fruits, coffee, assorted juices, and water. Pastries: muffins, turnovers, Danish, bagels and cream cheese.

  5. Executive Continental 11.49

    Freshly baked bagels, Danish pastries, muffins, scones, seasonal fresh sliced fruit, yogurt, coffee, assorted juices, and water.

  6. breakfast business catering menu houston tx

    Just remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. See our full selection of menu options to continue browsing. To add a little side note, we have incredible fresh-brewed coffee!

corporate event catering in columbia maryland

An Ideal Checklist for Corporate Event Catering

By Catering

Beginning that mental preparation for an upcoming event and on the hunt for a caterer who can accommodate all your needs? Being aware of your expectations can help narrow down a catering company much quicker to help get one step closer to making these important decisions. Below is a helpful corporate event catering checklist to keep in mind when picking out a catering company to use for your event.

event catering columbia md


Whether you’re on a budget or looking for a lower-cost option, the value and quality of food and service is a crucial factor in finding the right catering services. Make sure to not go with the cheapest option and instead to do your research on customer reviews and ratings to find a recommended option, that way you are getting a good price and value.


When speaking with a catering company, make sure your requests are clear and that you can sense reliability. The last thing you want is to deal with any menu ordering issues, cost miscommunications, or delayed deliveries. Professionalism in the catering industry is key and will make a huge difference with your experience.


Not only should everything taste good, but it’s also about the presentation. If you are able to do a taste test before choosing a caterer, that can help confirm your decision quick. Be clear on what you expect by asking to browse through their menu and review images to see if they can deliver!

lunch event catering columbia md

If you’ve narrowed down to the final 3, check out the full checklist to get your closer to finalizing your decision. If you haven’t even begun, Apple Spice here in Columbia offers fresh box lunches and an event catering menu perfect for corporate events, business meetings, or special occasions. Delicious ingredients and reliable staff members to meet all of your requests. Check out our full menu to get browsing!

holiday corporate catering

Apple Spice Holiday Catering Menu Grand Rapids, MI

By Catering

Planning for an upcoming holiday party? Take the food preparation responsibilities out of your hands and leave it up to the caterer! At Apple Spice here in Grand Rapids, we offer a delicious holiday menu that will meet all you and your guest’s needs. Below we will break down the menu for you to see what you would be interested in ordering.

holiday catering in grand rapids

    1. VIRGINIA BAKED HAM $12.99
      Served with au gratin potatoes, parsley baby carrots, crisp garden salad, fresh-baked rolls with butter and our famous cinnamon honey butter.
      Oven-roasted breast of turkey served with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, steamed vegetables, garden crisp salad, fresh-baked rolls with butter and our famous cinnamon honey butter.
    3. TENDER POT ROAST $13.99
      Served with mashed potatoes, gravy, steamed vegetables, crisp garden salad, fresh-baked rolls with butter and our famous cinnamon honey butter.
    4. TUSCAN CHICKEN $13.99
      Tender marinated chicken breast in a savory white wine sauce with mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes. Served with herbed pasta, crisp Caesar salad, steamed vegetables and sourdough rolls with butter and our famous cinnamon honey butter.
      Wild rice pilaf, steamed vegetables, garden fresh salad and sourdough rolls with butter and our famous cinnamon honey butter.
      Whole-roasted tenderloin served medium rare with horseradish sauce, baked potatoes, steamed vegetables, crisp garden salad, fresh-baked rolls with butter and our famous cinnamon honey butter.

best holiday catering grand rapids

It doesn’t end there. Start with some appetizers to go with your main course or end with a delicious dessert! See our full holiday catering menu along with our other options including our box lunch and corporate catering menu.