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2 Ideas For Your Next Catering Event

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Planning for the one-year annual corporate event is around corner and catering is still waiting to be checked off the list. Here are two ways to get creative during the catering thought process.

Themed Meal

It is worth spicing up the display and creating a theme to go along with the catered food at your event. Create a themed menu or decorate the table a certain way to add some character to the food area. Giving the food table more life will bring more fun and energy to the event making the guests more satisfied.

Healthy Gourmet

It is important to feed your guests, but also to keep them well nourished. Provide a selection of healthy options such as veggies and hummus, mini sandwiches, or fresh spring rolls. It is critical to keep the guests awake and aware during the event. Healthy foods can keep them energized and filled.

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Start the creative process for your corporate event and get those catering ideas flowing. Prep ahead for the next one and check out Apple Spice Catering here in Ogden.

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3 Convenient Ways To Cater

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Now of days, people have become pickier and particular with the way they eat. High maintenance requests, food allergies, diet restrictions and more. Keep the guests content and learn some ways to keep the catering simple and easy.

Vegetable Platters

Vegetables are a friendly food in most people’s diet. It is an easy choice to snack on during an event with several options of different veggies and also sauces. Especially if people are health-obsessed, a veggie platter is a way to do it.

Cheese and Crackers

This option is great for the guests to grab a variety of crackers and cheeses to snack on during the event. Can’t go wrong with a delicious cheese platter with some crackers to go along with it.


Soup is a convenient way to serve guests with several options for flavors and recipes. Soup can be filling and add a great start to a dinner or lunch. This keeps the guest tied over to the real deal.

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Catering options are always a plus for events. Offering the guests a good selection that will accommodate to them well will result in a happy crowd served with a delicious variety of foods.  Discover more healthy foods for your upcoming event and order with Apple Spice Catering. Perfect for work and holiday events or parties.

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2 Simple Wedding Menu Ideas

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Wedding planning is just getting started and there are many options to come up with to satisfy the hunger needs of your guests. It is important to think of a pre-meal with a variety of appetizers that will keep the guests patient and gives them something to snack on during the reception. Here a couple of creative menu ideas for the big day.

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Popcorn Bar

To keep it casual, give the guests a variety of popcorn flavors so they can enjoy mixing and matching different kinds to keep their stomachs happy and to have a snack throughout the evening. Dress it up with some decorative flower bouquets around the popcorn bar.

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Chef Food Stations

Come up with a few food stations and watch the professionals prepare fresh ingredients hands-on. Food stations add variety, which guests love, so the guests have options throughout the evening on what they want to eat. Let the chefs take-over and prepare the d’oeuvres!

Food pairing is an important asset for a big wedding event, so make sure to do your research. There are endless options to come up with for wedding appetizers, the goal is to work your creativity. Check out 13 more creative wedding menu ideas for a long list of amazing bites. For catering menu options, check out our Apple Spice menu options, perfect for winter season weddings!

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Recommended Catering Charleston, SC

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Planning an event, conference, or holiday party and don’t know where to begin the hunt for the perfect fit? Three catering companies with high positive ratings below.

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Salthouse Catering

Creative and professional service right where you need it. High-end appetizers, cocktails, main courses, and desserts with plenty of selections.

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Hamby Catering

Since 1979, Hamby Catering has provided full-service catering with innovative cuisines. Hamby has a high level of preparation from the chefs themselves with five-star customer service. Customize your menu for a certain theme or holiday package. The seasonal menu continues to stay creative and improves year after year.

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Cru Catering

Cru Catering offers customers to create the perfect tailored menu for an event. From work banquets to dinner parties they have got it all ready for you and a full-service bar to sum up the evening with a nice beverage.

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The list does not stop here! Check out our Apple Spice Catering services. Great for on the go services and more.

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Top 5 Catering Companies in Nashville

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Nashville is known for their amazing southern food and it’s important to be in the loop with the top places to cater in the city. The holidays are around the corner and events, parties, and corporate meetings need to be marked in the books. Read about five fantastic catering companies right here in Nashville. From lunch box deliveries to a 2,000 guest party, they have it all.

G Catering

A local Nashville catering company great for special events such as weddings or corporate events. Their creative cuisines are made to fully immerse themselves in the excitement and love to provide great customer service to their guests.

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Chef’s Market

This is one of the top rated caterers in the city of Nashville. Not only do they cater, but they have a full-service restaurant and offer delivery services. Owned by Jim and Cheryl Hagy followed by a wonderful staff of professionals.

Apple Spice Catering

Apple Spice Box Lunch and Catering is an upscale company who makes work lunches made easy. Perfect for corporate catering or work meetings. If the event is in the morning, a selection of breakfast options is offered. Build your own selections including hot entrees are great for a corporate catered dinner.

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Stage Left Catering

A full-service custom catering company for a wide variety such as corporate, production, or social events. The pricing varies and depends on the customization you choose. They focus on the little details which will always leave the guests extremely satisfied with the outcome of their cater experience.

Take Away Catering

Starting in 1999, this catering company has been providing full-service catering to Nashville businesses. From small groups to large, they love to serve. The meals are handcrafted and custom to whatever budget you are going for.

Look at that. Five options right at your fingertips.  All your catering needs are taken care of and the holiday extravaganzas are ready to begin. High-quality service from professional well-trained staff is ready to serve you and your guests the way you deserve. Don’t waste any more time and order now. Start at Apple Spice Catering because it’s the perfect company perfect for work lunches and the holidays.