how to grow your franchising business

3 Tips for Growing Your Business

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For every Franchisee, their goal it to exceed all expectations when it comes to developing their business. It is natural to let the stress and overwhelming pressure get to your head which makes it difficult to look at the big picture and focus on the secret tips to growing your business.

how to grow your business the right way

Take Risks

Do not be afraid to take a risk in this industry. Put trust in your thoughts and actions and more forward with confidence. Take pride in the ideas you are having and show your true character and the abilities you have to take risks. Some of the biggest risk takers out there are the most successful type of people to this day.

Share Ideas

It is easy to hold back ideas you have or want to share with your partner or team. The greatest thing about franchisees are their ability to execute any ideas they have and to build on them. This is how bussinesses experience rapid growth within their brand due to the amount of innovative ideas they are sharing with one another.

how to grow your food business

Grown From Within

Making a goal to focus on the internal progress of the company and developing other units one by one will slowly build your franchise. Starting from the inside out is a safe route to take by spending time on every individual branch and dedicating the time and effort to each one.

Time to kick it in to gear and work your way to the top of the chain. For more tips to successful growth, read up on 12 more helpful pointers to get you where you want to be. Check out our story and how we became a growing business and how we’ve reaching to 30 cities in the US!

working man's lunch box slc ut

Must-Try Work Lunch Boxes in SLC, UT

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It isn’t easy to have the motivation to come up with new ideas every day for lunch. You already have enough on your plate in the office so it is difficult to find a lunch routine for your work days Downtown, Salt Lake has a variety of lunch box caterers to make lunch simple, convenient, and delicious. Discover 3 lunch box catering businesses who can satisfy all your lunch needs for work.

working man's lunch box options

Blue Lemon

Freshly made salads and artisan sandwiches with sides including potato salad, chips, fresh fruit, soups, and more. This is a great spot to experience a good variety of sandwiches such as the Asian style sandwich or the Mediterranean wrap. If you are craving something sweet after the meal, they have lemon bars, brownies, or sugar cookies for dessert. At Blue Lemon, they strive to create nutritious meals for all of their customers.

Boston Deli

A catering company with different styles of lunch boxes including the basic lunch box, regular, or executive depending how hungry you are. The executive box includes a sandwich, celery sticks and ranch, a bag of chips, soda, pepperoncini, and a stick of gum. If you are a sandwich lover, this is the place for you. Make sure to put in your order 24 hours in advance for efficient delivery.

working man's lunch box catering companies

Apple Spice

A franchise catering business with over 30 locations here in the US with freshly made ingredients directly from the kitchen and high-quality staff members who deliver to your desired destination. Our lunch box set features sandwich options with fresh deli meat and baked warm wheat bread, seasonal wraps, homestyle soups, and creative mixed salads that are to die for. The sides include potato chips, carrot chips, fruit, quinoa salad, or a freshly baked cookie. Switch it up with healthy sides or sweet desserts when you feel like having a nice cheat day. Check out our delicious menu options for your upcoming meetings or events.

outdoor adventurous winter activities

Winter Activities in Salt Lake Valley, UT

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Embracing snowfall is a time to explore outdoor adventures and to take the risk to try new things and enjoy every moment. As long as you have all the right layers and stay bundled, the mountains will become your best friend this winter season. Consider a couple of these winter activities to get the full snowy wilderness experience.

outdoor winter activities salt lake


If you are a regular hiker, this is a great option to get a taste of the beautiful canyons, national parks, and trails to walk through and the higher you go, the more breathtaking views you will see. The best places to snowshoe are in Cherry Peak Resort, Sundance Mountain Resort, Solitude Mountain Resort, Alta Ski Area, Snowbasin Resort, or Park City Mountain. Be selective about what you want to see, how far you want to go and research the difficulty level for all the resorts that you consider adventuring in.

outdoor winter ski activities

Cross Country Skiing

Enjoy a wide selection of incredible places to go cross-country skiing including mountain tops, golf courses, state parks, or historic trails. This is a more difficult activity so thoroughly read through all your options before jumping the gun to any advanced trails and know what you are getting yourself into. Some of the top destinations to journey through the mountains are Soldier Hollow, The Homestead Cross-Country Ski Center,
The Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail, Solitude Nordic Center, or The Viking Yurt. Each trail features different levels of difficulty and tells you the round-trip mileage. Regardless of which center you decide on, you can’t go wrong. Be aware of the equipment and training you will need before taking off.

These are just a couple activities to start with but don’t worry because there is a more to be explored. If you are an outdoors fanatic, check out more options here to make the best of the winter weather. Need a hot chocolate break? Located in West Valley, Apple Spice Catering offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options with beverages including delicious hot chocolate or coffee to give you the warmth you need after a long adventurous day. Check out our catering menu and order in to keep warm!

restaurants that cater corporate events in raleigh nc

Where to Cater From in Raleigh, NC

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Planning for an upcoming event for a wedding, special occasion, or corporate event? Consider a few of these highly-rated catering companies in the city of Raleigh, North Carolina who offer phenomenal ingredients with chefs and staff members passionate about food and every guest they have the pleasure to serve.

restaurants that cater for you in raleigh nc

Catering Works

A place with innovative staff members bringing their accommodating and professional skills offering a wide selection of menus for weddings, full-service events, a lunch and dinner delivery menu, and holidays. The lunch menu includes full entrees or if you are feeling something light, they have salads and a deli. Catering Works is a great choice for weddings with festival options for your special day.

restaurants that cater meals in raleigh nc

PoshNosh Catering

A catering team who share their passions by creating fixed menus with seasonal ingredients. They recycle and use green paper products to give back to their community and want to make a difference. This is a great catering company for birthdays, anniversary, and other special events.

restaurants that cater for events in raleigh nc

Apple Spice

Apple Spice Catering is perfect for boxed lunch delivery services for corporate meetings or events or a full catering menu for special occasions including weddings, anniversary parties, birthdays, and more. We offer fresh ingredients delivered by high-quality staff members willing to serve you! Take a look at our full-service catering menu offering breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Perfect for a work meeting, conference, or corporate event.

corporate catering services for work

3 Corporate Lunch Catering Ideas for Your Next Event

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In charge of the annual corporate event this year and running out of catering ideas? Put yourself in your guest’s shoes and visualize what they would want as far as catering and food options to satisfy their needs to make the corporate event a more pleasant and memorable experience. Food is a priority at an event so step up your game and keep the attendees happy by reading up on three corporate catering services options for the next event.

corporate lunch catering services

Buffet Style

Keep it simple with the classic buffet style. Free for all is an easy way to serve people at your corporate event because it gives them the freedom to receive as much or as little food as they want. Having a wide variety of options on the table is a great solution to pleasing all of your guests who are attending.

corporate catering services for events

Boxed Lunches

A boxed lunch for each attendee can be a wonderful option featuring a full-service meal to satisfy your guest’s needs. This can include sandwich options, salads, potato chips, a side of fruit, and a sweet treat for dessert. This is a convenient way of serving at a corporate event because each person receives the same exact meal with the same portions keeping it equal, organized, and delicious!

corporate catering services business events

Chef Stations

Chef stations are always a fun way for the guests to explore options at the event and interact with chefs who make and serve right in front of you. To make it even more creative, give each station a theme to bring more excitement to your corporate event.

Need a Caterer?

Still looking for a caterer for the big day? Apple Spice offers box lunch and catering services perfect for business meetings, corporate events, and parties. Learn more about our fresh ingredients, catering options, and order process here at Apple Spice Catering Co.

restaurants and coffee near weber state university

Cafe Spots Near Weber State University

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Campus food can become old and repetitive and you are realizing you need some diversity in your lunch decisions. With it being Winter you find it hard to leave campus and find new alternatives to eat for breakfast or lunch on school days. It’s a new year which means it is time to discover 3 delicious cafe spots close to campus and will help you refuel and enjoy a nice nutritious meal.

restaurants and cafes near weber state university

Cafe Villebella

Known for their selection of coffee beverages including frappes, lattes, cappuccinos, and americanos. Enjoy a nice breakfast before heading to campus by trying their french toast and pancakes, omelets, or breakfast combo. Cafe Villebella has an awesome lunch menu as well with sandwich selections, salads, and soups with vegetarian options for the veggie lovers. Regardless of it being the morning or afternoon, coffee is served all day to keep up the energy you need for a long day of classes.

restaurants near weber state university campus

Corner Bakery

A quaint cafe great for breakfast or lunch with sandwich combos, salads, chili and soups, a bakery, and soft drink options. Corner Bakery offers a nutrition list which is great for diets or if you have any health restrictions including allergies to certain types of food or ingredients. Catering is available if you are not able to leave campus and are considering to have lunch hour with a group of classmates. Individual ordering is perfect for ordering in and having a nice lunch box.

restaurants near weber state university college

Apple Spice

Apple Spice is located 10 minutes from campus and a great lunch spot to detach from school and to enjoy a nice lunch break. Try our lunch boxes featuring sandwiches, wraps, salads, and soups with fruit, potato chips, and desirable desserts. If you are having a busy day on campus, Apple Spice offers free delivery. With friendly and professional staff members, we are here to please and bring you the best experiences.

franchising a catering company

From Small Business to a Franchise

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The business industry is a competitive field and as much as small businesses seem to be a safer route, learning the ropes of turning your brand into a franchised business come with a lot of advantages and here is why.

franchising a business

Easier Build of Customer Base

The larger your business becomes, the more of a foundation you are building which means more customers will be flooding in. Get personal and build relationships with the customers you come in contact with. Aside from marketing, customers are a valuable source to spreading the word about your brand.

franchising your business

Slick Ways to Raise Finance

Let your bank become your new best friend because banks are significantly experienced with franchise businesses and loaning them money. With a larger business, it becomes easier to pay back the funds you owe to the bank.

franchising a new business

Receiving Valuable Advice

Once you have worked your way to franchising your business, it is incredible the support you receive from friends, business partners, colleagues, and others who have knowledge about this industry. Along with great advice comes with proper training, support, and supplies that will get you on your feet and ready to move forward.

There a few ways to get your foot in the door and prepare to transform your business into something bigger and greater. Get a feel for the franchise business scene by reading our story and how we have grown tremendously with over 30 locations now in the United States.

sandwiches delivery austin

Highly-Rated Sandwiches in Austin, TX

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Definitely a foodie and happen to be dropping through Austin, Texas? Start bookmarking those lunch spots to try some of the best sandwich joints. The uniqueness of each of these restaurants are the delicious authentic ingredients and hard-work they put into each one of their recipes. Check out a few of the top three sandwich shops in Austin.

sandwiches to eat austin

Fricano’s Deli & Catering

A place where great sandwiches are made with high-quality ingredients, fantastic service, and an expanded menu with options of catering located right west of The University of Texas Austin. A large selection of sandwich options and also a daily special menu as well with a soup of the day every day of the week.

sandwiches with platters austin

Snarf’s Sandwiches

Hand-crafted and oven toasted specialty sandwiches served with freshly baked bread, Snarf’s is the place to check out. Their menu has a great variety of vegetarian sandwiches all the way to meat lover options. Catering is available for all types of occasions and is flexible with customizing all orders.

sandwiches to eat austin

Noble Sandwich Co.

In 2010, the beginning of Noble Sandwich came to be and a friendship of two culinary school graduates, they opened their own sandwich shop and now is a top hit and create their own original sandwiches for their loyal customers.

sandwich catering Austin TX

Apple Spice

It doesn’t stop here! Catering for a work event or looking for the perfect lunch-box combo for your workdays? Apple Spice Catering offers a lunch box menu with a wide variety of sandwich options, fresh salads, homestyle hot soups, and more. Take a look at our boxed lunch menu to get the full-service lunch experience you deserve.

franchising a new business

The Perks of Franchising a Business

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Franchise businesses can be a slick way to set up your business for success because of the speed of growth, well-established products and services, and good support around you to help run the business. Franchising is such a big network where many people are familiar with the industry and know how the process works. Below are a few perks to why franchised businesses are the way to go.

franchising a business advantages

Quicker Brand Recognition

By expanding your business to other locations, it gives your company a boost of familiarity to your customers, especially those who travel. It is helpful when they have been to one of the locations and see it somewhere else and they know they like it. Find the right locations to place your branch locations to try and keep them closely connected.

Great Financial Support

In the food industry, banks typically already know the drill and how much to fund a franchise business. The larger the franchise, the better chance they have of securing their business loan. There is also a better chance they will pay off the loan much quicker because smaller companies have a harder time with coming up with enough money to pay it back.

how to succeed in franchising a business

Proper Support and Training

Franchise businesses have more opportunity to train and value their staff and interact with customers because of how much work, time, money, and effort they are putting into it. Their goal is to create good and long-lasting relationships with their staff members and customers to maintain a successful and consistent business.

Want more reasons why franchising a business will lead to more success? Read a few more advantages here. Discover the beauty of franchise catering companies starting with Apple Spice Box Lunch Delivery & Catering Co. who have much to offer their wonderful customers featuring breakfast, boxed lunches, dinner, and yummy desserts.

dessert austin texas

Best Dessert in Austin

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Sweet cravings are a real thing and it is important to be on top of the best desserts in the city you live in or are visiting. Listed below are three of the best dessert places in Austin.

dessert to try in austin

Cafe No Sé

A cafe located in the South Congress Hotel featuring breakfast, lunch, and dinner options with pastries and desserts that will blow your mind! The dessert menu offers warm crumble-like dessert and also frozen desserts such as ice-cream and sorbet. This quaint little cafe is definitely a hot spot to try when having those sweet-tooth cravings.

dessert must-tries in austin


A French bistro-inspired American diner featuring a brunch and dinner menu with a few desserts you do not miss out on because of the delicious chocolate cake or the banana split profiteroles. Have a bite to eat, but make sure to save room for their dessert menu to experience the best part of the meal.

popular dessert austin


The most scrumptious gourmet doughnuts you will ever try! A wide selection of creative doughnut recipes or to make it even better, you can create your own. Gourdough’s offers catering services and online ordering so whenever you crave that certain doughnut, you can have it delivered right to your destination.

If you are a workaholic and can’t find time to check out these dessert spots, Apple Spice Catering here in Austin offers a full dessert menu, breakfast, lunch, dinner, side dishes, and more endless options that can all be catered right to your convenience. Check out our full catering menu to see what we have to offer you!