how to start a catering business from scratch

Starting a Successful Catering Business

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There is a lot that goes into starting your own business. It is important to logically think through pricing and costs, staff, equipment, and overall having what it takes to become a business owner. Take a look at three helpful tips to answer these questions for you.

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Network With Event and Wedding Planners

Caterers are mostly hired by event planners so it is important to make good connections with the event industry and offer special discounts or deals to build relationships with new clients. Building your network will improve your business and connect you with more potential clients.

how to start a catering business ideas

Rent Catering Equipment

No need to buy everything you need for your business. Renting cuts costs and is a much easier route when first starting out a new business. As time goes on, you can slowly build inventory. Easing into this process will allow you to have a safe start and keep track of costs better.

how to start and manage a catering business

Set Your Catering Prices

Setting price hours straight with your clients will help track the work you do per hour. Loss and profit statements are needed for everything you do. Cost is everything so it is smart to set price estimates right away so you can let people know your rate before getting talked down.

For more tips on how to start a successful catering business, read here. Creating the perfect menu is such an important step when starting a new business. Take a look at our delicious food items featuring great taste and quality!

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3 Corporate Catering Companies in Richmond, VA

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Finding the right catering company for your work event can be a lot of work. It is important to do some heavy research to make sure you are choosing the best of the best company to offer high-quality service and delicious food to your guests. Below are three corporate event catering companies at your service!

corporate event catering businesses

A Sharper Palet Catering & Events

Since 1993, this catering company has had a passion for high quality, outstanding customer service, and food that is fresh and delicious with a fully prepared presentation. They are well known for their corporate events offering breakfast, lunch, or dinner with upscale options and menus that are custom created for each client.

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Apple Spice

The perfect company for corporate events because of the wide selection of food options and fresh ingredients they prepare right in the kitchen. They are well known for their executive lunches served with salad options, homemade bread, steamed veggies, and mashed potatoes with your selection of protein. Apple Spice is the perfect choice for a corporate event.

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Mosaic Catering

Mosaic Catering creates custom catering menus and takes pride in themselves to meet demands with any budget. They offer the best local ingredients to create a healthy and delicious cuisine for all of their customers. They focus on the presentation by adding the freshest flowers to really create a stunning ambiance.

December is here and holiday parties are around the corner. Check out our holiday menu start planning your holiday party with our special and delicious meal options.

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3 Catering Menu Ideas for Events

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Starting a catering business is exciting, but also a challenging task. It is important to think about your future customers when planning the process. For example, asking clients, friends, or family about their preferences can help narrow down to the perfect food menu. Below are three ideas for creating the ideal catering menu for your business.


Start with the resources you have available at the facility because the menu will depend on the right staff you have, equipment, and the types of ingredients that are in season. All of these factors will help be a better guide to determining the choices of your menu items.

catering menu ideas and pricing options


It is all about variety. Having options for people will allow the clients to have a variety of dishes to be served at an event, business meeting, party, or conference. Creating a buffet will give enough diverse dishes so that everyone can be satisfied with the food options.

catering menu ideas and pricing for corporate event


It is has been well known that catering companies have found more success in having customization to their menu giving more flexibility to the clients and making the event more special and memorable because of the custom option available to them.

Creating the right unique appearance for your customers is critical. Knowing the audience and having a creative eye to know what the clients will like will be a big help for your catering business. Read up on more ideas for creating the perfect menu for your business. Take a look at our Apple Spice Holiday Menuand the variety of options we offer.

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Required Staff for The Catering Industry

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Catering for events can vary depending on the job. Understanding the basic staff members to have for your catering business is critical. Although numbers vary, there are certain roles that are a must for every catering event you have. Below is a list of three top catering staff roles you will need for the business.

hire the right catering staff


Their job is to ensure the cooking staff is completing all of their tasks in a timely manner. Any problems that arise, will be handled by the supervisor. If food is running out, he ensures it is all resupplied and good to go. Any guests who have complaints or an issue, the supervisor will deal with.

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The chef is the food preparer and handles all of the decisions regarding the menu. Sometimes as a backup, it is good to have sous chefs who will help assist him in preparing the meals. Just in case it is a large party or if things get backed up in the kitchen and he might need additional help.

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The servers are the representation of the company by bringing food to all guests, filling water, and passing trays around. Servers also resupply any food or drink that runs out and it is better to always have more staff on-site than it is to have less. Make sure to use a higher number of servers for events with multiple courses.

It is important to be aware of the required staff for catering services. For larger catering companies, take a look at this list of required staff. Once all staff is hired and settled, read up on some menu ideas by browsing through our catering menu. Great for corporate events, parties, and business meetings.

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Event Catering Menu Ideas

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Starting a new business, but stuck on how you will create the perfect menu? It is time to take your business to the next level and think of original recipes that will be memorable and exceed your guest’s expectations. Here are a few ideas for an appetizer, salad, and entree to help get the creative thoughts flowing and create the perfect catering menu.

catering menu ideas for events


Finding the perfect appetizer is important because it is the first food item your guests will be tasting. An appetizer option is a stuffed spinach, mushroom, and cheese pocket. This is made with a buttery dough and fresh spinach and mushrooms and parmesan cheese. This is a comfort food classic and is small enough to just eat a couple and still feel hungry.

event catering menu ideas


For the salad, create a combination of mixed greens because having a variety of in the mix gives it more character. Add cut cucumbers, shredded carrots, beets, roasted pine nuts, and a cilantro vinaigrette dressing. The salad adds more nutritions to the before and after items so it is critical to have a delicious mixed salad.

catering entree menu ideas


Salmon is the perfect go-to entree because there are so many ingredients that add great flavor to this type dish. Add some cooked asparagus and basil on top and smothered in a creamy pesto spread with a lemon to go on top just in case some want it a little more citrusy.

Here are a few basic menu recipes to get you started. For more guidance on the process, check out some inspirational favorites to get the ideas flowing. Make sure to also different menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Take a look at our catering options for guidance.

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Boxed Lunch Catering Companies

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Carrying a lunch to work is old news. During work hours, we become tired and it makes it hard to make decisions when it comes to what to eat during lunchtime. Convenience is out there and work lunches can be made easy for all workaholics. Discover three catering companies who offer lunch box meals during work hours, meetings, events, or conferences.

lunch box catering for work

Apple Spice Catering

The perfect catering choice for box lunch delivery. Apple Spice Junction lunch boxes include a wide selection of sandwich options, fresh cheese, salads, wraps, crispy potato chips, freshly baked bread. And to end this ideal lunch at work, they throw in a hot warm chocolate chip cookie. Apple Spice makes sure to have fresh ingredients and makes and delivers everything straight from the kitchen.

Peddlers Catering

Peddlers Catering has choices of three sandwiches and wraps with fresh fruit, and a choice between salad, chips, with a delicious cookie or brownie to complete the meal right. Starting in 2001, Peddlers has delivered high-quality lunch boxes satisfying their customers to the fullest.

lunch box catering ogden

Corner Bakery Cafe

Corner Bakery is a quaint restaurant cafe featuring individual orders which includes salads, lunch boxes with chips, fresh fruit, and a freshly baked cookie. Corner Bakery caters for meetings and events making it your lunch box the perfect take away meal.

Lunch Box catering companies strive to meet the needs all customers in making fresh meals delivered right to your convenience. Try ordering your first lunch with Apple Spice right here in Ogden, Utah.

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Ideas For Your Next Corporate Event

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Planning for the one-year annual corporate event is around corner and catering is still waiting to be checked off the list. Here are two ways to get creative during the catering thought process.

catering themed events ideas

Themed Meal

It is worth spicing up the display and creating a theme to go along with the catered food at your event. Create a themed menu or decorate the table a certain way to add some character to the food area. Giving the food table more life will bring more fun and energy to the event making the guests more satisfied.

catering events healthy ideas

Healthy Gourmet

It is important to feed your guests, but also to keep them well nourished. Provide a selection of healthy options such as veggies and hummus, mini sandwiches, or fresh spring rolls. It is critical to keep the guests awake and aware during the event. Healthy foods can keep them energized and filled.

morning catering events ideas

Start the creative process for your corporate event and get those catering ideas flowing. Prep ahead for the next one and check our catering menu.

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Holiday Catering That Will Boost Christmas Spirit

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It’s already November and it’s time to plan the holiday festivities. You know it’s going to be a busy holiday and season and cooking isn’t an option for your compact schedule. Here is a list of three top catering companies great for the holidays in West Valley, Utah.

holiday party catering options

Elizabeth’s Custom Catering

Celebrating 20 years of corporate catering and events, this custom catering company has much to offer. Custom made menus for breakfast, lunch, or dinner options with dessert and beverage options as well. Offering a list of venues for those in need of a location. Located at 1645 West 2200 in South Salt Lake City, Utah. The perfect catering company for custom made menus and holiday events!

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Apple Spice Box Lunch Delivery & Catering West Valley, UT/h2>

A smart way to cater for lunch delivery at work, special events, holidays, and corporate meetings. They got it all! Experience high-quality service from the professional staff at Apple Spice. Located in several different cities, including West Valley, Utah. Browse our menu options to get excited about the season.

You’re the Boss Catering

Located in the heart of West Valley, You’re the Boss catering takes care of weddings, holiday parties, corporate functions, baby showers, and many more special occasions. Their menu has a wide selection of options including deli menu, breakfast, potato bar, Italian specialties, and appetizers all for satisfying the needs of all their guests.

These are three spectacular catering companies you can’t go wrong with. Start the planning early and order your Grammarly Holiday catering books up fast, so find the perfect date for this wonderful season.

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Hottest Restaurants in Richmond, VA

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richmond va restaurants


This high-end French restaurant has a lovely ambiance and is a place to try when celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or another special occasion. A wide selection of scrumptious appetizers including soups, salads, caviar, and vegan options. The entrees are all to die for including the Filet Mignon with duck butter. Desserts include a creme brûlée, selection of fruits, and buttermilk creme frâiche. Not to mention their endless selections of beer, wine, and in-house made cocktails.

Tarrant’s Cafe

Opening in 1987, this upscale cafe and restaurant has been famous for years because of the long history of opening as a drug store and later turning into a restaurant. Tarrant’s is known for their delicious brunch menu. They also serve lunch, dinner, dessert, and drinks. Buy your lover or friend a gift card and head on over to experience this well-known cafe in Richmond.

Greek On Cary

Greek food at its very best! This restaurant produces quality authentic Greek food for southerners to experience the rich taste of greek food. The homemade falafel is a talk of the town favorite and they also have vegetarian options as well. A good selection for all lovers of a Mediterranean cuisine.

What about Catering?

richmond virginia restaurants

Apple Spice

Tried them all and want more options? Apple Spice Catering right here in Richmond provides deli lunches fresh from the kitchen with a selection of chips, fruit, and a hot warm cookie for your sweet tooth craving. Apple Spice Catering services for meetings, parties, events, and more. Dive into more delicious food.

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2 Ways to Save Money in a Catering Business

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Staring a catering business has a lot of responsibly. It is critical to think logically through all possible ways to save money wherever you can in the food business. Thinking of high quality is a priority, but also thinking about prices your clients will be able to afford. Here are two ways to save during the process.

saving money in catering business

Monitor Portion Sizes

No matter if you will be offering full service catering to your customers, you must measure each dish to determine the correct balance of portions. Equality is important because each guest should be receiving the same amount of food. If there are a list of high prices meats or seafood, make sure to let the servers do the cutting and let the guests know the price difference.

saving money in catering food business

Invest in a Catering Software

Technology has become the center of the universe, which means it is time to invest in a software for your catering business. Softwares help narrow down each price of every ingredient you choose to purchase. Software features can pay a large number of dividends upon implementation. Another perk is being able to streamline the accounting and operations of the business.

Start now and plan out ways to start saving money in your catering business. Learn a few more waysto save money in the food business. Check out Apple Spice Catering Menu to learn more about our food and services we offer.