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Top Hotels in Houston, TX

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Looking for a luxury hotel in Houston for an upcoming business trip, weekend getaway, or spontaneous staycation? Experience sophistication in the heart of Texas’s most diverse city. Check out 3 of the top-rated hotels below to make the most out of your trip to Houston:

best hotels houston tx

The Post Oak Hotel

The perfect modern and vibrant hotel with extravagant services and amenities to meet all your needs! This isn’t just a hotel, it’s also an experience. Post Oak features wellness retreats, dining areas, meeting spaces and events, residential suites, and more. This five-diamond hotel will bring all the elegant accommodations that you need.

Four Seasons Hotel Houston

A great place to kick back and enjoy a sophisticated stay in the heart of the city. Four Seasons offers a fitness center, pool, bars, incredible restaurants, and private retreats. Make this space your living room and indulge in this modern hotel space bringing relaxation and Texan hospitality.

The St. Regis Houston

An exquisite and modern destination in the center of the city with shopping malls, restaurants, and the Uptown District to keep you pleased and entertained. The accommodations include a wonderful guest room, spa services, fine dining, and more. You can not go wrong with this poised hotel.

hotels to stay in houston tx

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Must-Try Restaurants in Murray, Utah

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Murray is definitely a place to explore the outdoors, embrace the beautiful mountains, and try some delicious local food. Step out of the norm and discover 3 unique and tasteful must-try restaurants below:

good restaurants murray ut

Bohemian Brewery

Bohemian Brewery offers rich and unique brews, tasty food, and a great atmosphere. If you love a good Lager, this is the perfect place for you. The finest brewing in Salt Lake City with food options including starters, sandwiches, salads, soups, and more.

The Dodo Restaurant

The famous neighborhood upscale restaurant featuring sandwiches, salads, appetizers, and lastly their famous mouth-watering desserts. If you love a nice sweet treat after a nice meal, this is your place!


A chef-inspired menu with Tuscany vibes and authentic Italian ingredients. This is the perfect spot after a long day of shopping at Fashion Place Mall. Brio offers a delightful brunch menu on the weekends with tasty cocktail options to go with it.

places to eat murray

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Best Hotels in Columbia, SC

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Visiting Columbia for a work conference, business meeting, or just a fun getaway visit? Experience some of the top luxury hotels by checking out 3 of the top-rated hotels to stay at while traveling into Columbia:

best hotels in columbia sc

Columbia Marriott Hotel

You can never go wrong with a Marriott. Fine accommodations, high-end modern amenities, wifi to give you a great hotel experience. The Marriott Columbia is located near Main Street in Downtown with access to restaurants, museums, Township theatre, and more.

Aloft Columbia Downtown

Located in the heart of Vista close from the airport, Aloft is located near endless restaurants to try and brings a high-energy vibe to the area. This is a great area where locals hang out and many visitors are welcomed. If you thrive from nightlife and being in the happening atmosphere, this is a perfect choice.

Embassy Suites Columbia – Greystone

A spacious and cosmopolitan hotel with complimentary breakfast, fast internet, and shuttle services to get you anywhere you need to go including shopping centers, restaurants, and more. Embassy Suites strives to meet every customer’s need leaving you with a wonderful experience.

good hotels in columbia sc

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places to eat and drink in the woodlands tx

Places to Eat in The Woodlands, TX

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Visiting or currently a local to Spring, Texas and looking for new places to eat? Spring has a tremendous amount of diverse restaurants with rich flavors and great service. If you have run out of options of places to eat, below are 3 top-rated restaurants you must try!

recommended places to eat in the woodlands tx


The finest of dining in The Woodlands! Known for their chef tasting menu, experience an 8-course dinner with the freshest ingredients made by professional chefs in the kitchen. This is a perfect spot for special occasions, work dinners, date nights, or a birthday celebration. This restaurant is definitely a must-try.


A business casual dining experience with the freshest seafood in town featuring crab caught right from local fisheries and delicious wines to go perfectly with your delicious meal. If you are a seafood lover, then this is the perfect spot for you.

Fielding’s Local Kitchen + Bar

An upscale new American restaurant with a variety of menus including lunch, dinner, brunch, and bar drinks. Come try their well-known pizzas, steak, pasta, and flavorful desserts. Fieldings also offers seasonal events, local happy hours, and gift cards.

best places to eat in the woodlands tx

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Reasons to Visit San Antonio, TX

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Texas is an upcoming and wonderful state to not only visit but possibly to settle down in. Cities such as San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas are the talk of the town and here are the reasons why visiting is a brilliant idea:

tourism san antonio tx

Outdoor Adventures

A huge variety of outdoor activities including gardens, parks, hikes, caverns, biking, and more. This is a time of year with cooler weather which means make sure to bring a jacket. This is a beautiful time of year to experience a slight chill and embrace nature.


Let the tour guides take over and experience a food tour, walking tour, bus tour, or ever a cruise tour! Indulge in this wonderful city and learn avout the rich history and beauty behind it.


If you appreciate fine art, theatre, and adventure then this is right up your alley. Have fun and take in the local fun of San Antonio, you will not regret it!

sights san antonio

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Things to Do in Milwaukee, WI

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Love trying new restaurants, being outdoors, and bonding with friends and family? Milwaukee is the perfect place to visit to experience all of these incredible things while traveling! Check out 3 of the top underrated things to do while visiting or traveling back to Milwaukee.

museums milwaukee wi

Walk Sculpture Avenue

After 10 years, this has become an iconic place in the city where art lovers can get a taste of over 20 different types of work with 22 incredible artists who have made this place quite the vision! This is free and is a great place to come get cultured, inspired, and entertained!

Bike Oak Leaf Trail

This is a great multi-use trail path with beautiful scenery in the metro area of Milwaukee. Grab your road bike, rollerskates, or just bring your feet with you to take in nature and embrace the crisp air. There are a lot of systems you can access to get onto this trail, so make sure to check a map to see which entrance is best for you!

Try Good Restaurants

There is a terrific food scene to experience in this city. From small plates to burgers it is all delicious! For a list to get you started, start browsing these options here.

dining milwaukee wi

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Delicious Restaurants in Bradenton, FL

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Bradenton not only has breathtaking views but also wonderful restaurants to check out while visiting the city! Check out 3 of the top rated places to try to get your taste buds on a whole new level of deliciousness. Whether you are a local looking for new places to try or a tourist for the weekend, here is where you need to go:

sea food restaurants bradonton fl

3 Keys Brewing

The goal at 3 Keys is to bring good food, good beer, and good times. They have a huge variety of craft beers and specialize in West Coast ales and German recipes with fresh local ingredients. They offer salads, delicious burgers, and soups with ingredients that you cannot find anywhere else.

EnRich Bistro

Locally sourced food from local farms and fresh seafood that comes all the way from the Gulf of Mexico. They strive to enrich Bradenton’s restaurant and dining experience by integrating global flavors with local ingredients. Take your dining experience to the next level and try this unique and tasty bistro.

Beach House Waterfront

If you enjoy eating with an amazing view, the Beach House is the perfect dining spot for you. Enjoy a night out to discover their fresh and natural local ingredients featuring gourmet burgers, sandwiches, salads, and incredible seafood options. Alongside a great meal, try their hand-crafted cocktails, draft beers, or wine list to get the full experience.

bradonton fl dining

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Best of Charleston, SC

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Charleston is a charming Southern city with endless things to see and things to eat! If this is your first time visiting South Carolina, check out 3 not to be missed events in Charleston to make your experience a memorable one.

charleston sc things to see

Morris Island Lighthouse

Climb up the lighthouse to get the best views overlooking the water with a beautiful view during the morning, afternoon, or evening with a magnificent sunset you will definitely want to witness. A great place for dolphin watching and seashell catching where you can find in the sand at the bottom of the lighthouse.

Charleston Harbor History Tour

Learn the rich history of the holy city and witness 75 landmarks going all the way back to 300 years ago of historical information. This is a relaxing and scenic tour that covers all of the Charleston Harbour. Jump aboard, this is something you do not want to miss!

Schooner Sailing Cruise

Chase the sea by attending a sailing cruise to make the most out of your Charleston adventures. Take a break from the crowds and hit those waters to enjoy a day on the peaceful waters of the Charleston Harbor.

charleston sc activites

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Things to Do in Dallas, TX

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Are you a new resident of Dallas and looking for some entertainment for your weekend? Dallas is a happening city with a lot to experience such as shopping, special events, arts and culture, attractions, and more. Broaden your horizons and do something out of the ordinary that you would never do. Dinner and a movie are nice, but there is more excitement out there for your free time over the weekend. Below are 3 things to check out while roaming the streets of Dallas, TX:

shopping and things to do in dallas


Highland Park Village

Enjoy a 5-star shopping experience at Highland Park village where some of your favoeite stores are located with delicious restaurants, professional concierge services, valet parking, and more. Shop until you drop, this is the place you want to be!


Reunion Tower Geo-Deck

A great day or night time activity that takes you 470 feet in the air to get a breathtaking view of the city. There are zoom-in camera, telescopes, and historic landmarks to give you the full tourist experience. If you are a sucker for great views, this the perfect downtown Dallas adventure.

Arts & Culture

Dallas Theatre Center

Time to get artsy. One of the top regional theatres in the country brings you phenomenal performances with outstanding cast members with all sorts of different plays, educational programs, and performances that will take you to another planet. This is the perfect event to get you out of reality and into a portal of talent, music, and emotion.

recommended things to do in dallas

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best restaurants to try in Plano tx

Restaurants in Plano, TX

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If you know anything about Plano, you must know they have amazing restaurant options to fill all your needs. Whether you’re on a business trip, local to the area or just moving in, here are 3 of the top-rated restaurants in Plano, TX that are a must!

good restaurants plano tx

The Keeper

The perfect high-end dinner with shared plates, salads, just flew in meals, pasta, and more. Make sure to make a reservation to plan ahead for an amazing dinner experience. The Keeper offers special events and large group dining if you are planning on having a work dinner, social event, or family night out.

Uni Sushi

Experience the best Japanese restaurant in town. Uni Sushi offers sushi, sashimi, house rolls, omakase, fresh rolls and more. These are the freshest of fresh rolls and if you are more of a baked roll or fried sushi lover, they have those options as well.


Create the Asian cuisine experience in your own way! At Chatsu, you can build you own bowls with either rice or noodles, proteins, garnishes, and sauces. Get creative and embrace the delicious taste of Asian ingredients.

dining plano tx

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